Hold the question, until you live into the answer ~ Rilke

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I walked by the ending of this track today.  It was strange.  The end seemed so abrupt.  I thought, why here?  Why now? Then my mind began to reminisce through some of the endings in my life.  Some endings were a welcome relief; even celebrations full of joy.  Others were filled with pain, long suffering, avoidance, and resistance.

I am reminded that endings are unavoidable and inevitable.  Trying to control them is an illusion.  What I have control over is my relationship to the end.  I can control my response by being mindful of my emotions.  I can allow myself to grow into acceptance through the path of compassion and love.  Clinging, gripping, trying in vain to prolong or contain the joyful-present moment only serves to strangle it.  What if this is as good as it gets?  What if I never have this again?  I can never let this end.  But it does.  Of course the opposite is true as well.  When will the end come?  I can not suffer like this anymore.  Despair, avoidance, or a hyper focus on needing an ending only causes deeper suffering.  How can I befriend the despair of needing this moment to end, until it does?  Can I grow into a compassionate relationship with this suffering? Perhaps an end will bring relief, perhaps it won’t.

All things end.  With the right tools, I can choose how to respond.